swoosh swoosh it was the best game of my life,each 20 seconds the hoop swoosh, I were playing the best game of my life, I would remember all my life if i won the game, all the crew shouted and shouted, I was stating to deconsetrate but it was so loud that I was starting to fail the throws that I trowed,in that part I was failing all the trows but then I dicided to be more consentradet and to dont fail a trow.After I did that all the hoops i trowed It swoooshed in the rim, the macth was 65-67 win the other team, our coach callsd us to talk the strategies we were going to use, the coach telled us that the team was the principal team, also he tell us that the stategy that we were gonna use was number 3 that means 3 people helping the one who makes the passes, I gived the ball to jero and he trowed and maked it, I was very stresed about that game because i was very tied and very hard to win, my coach was also very strresed about the game, all the crew shouted and shouted , 15 seconds left said the referee, I was very stressed and thay pass me the ball I trowed of the 3 point line and swoosh, the ball entered and the game was ended. I was very happy and exidet abuot that trow, and I went very proud of my self.

2 thoughts on “The Best Game of My Life

  1. very cool you are very good at basketball and I liked a lot the part that you made the 3 pointer you left me in the edge of my seat

  2. Hello Eduardo!
    You have written a wonderful story about an exciting basketball game! I love to watch basketball on TV, even though I have never been a basketball player myself. It sounds like you have a great coach and a team that works very well together. Congratulations on making the 3 point shot to win the game. That is amazing!

    Right now in the USA they are finishing the college basketball championship called March Madness. Have you ever heard of it? Here is a link to the bracket diagram. https://www.ncaa.com/brackets/print/basketball-men/d1/2019/ They are close to the championship game. Do you have anything like that in Colombia?

    I have a teacher friend who went back to live on Colombia because it was her home country. She wanted me to come visit her. Maybe I will some day.

    Thank you for sharing your story!
    Mrs. Ruffing

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